The Other Disco in Other Places

Here are some other things that The Other Disco has done
Explode into Colors rule
[new home new bands later this week]

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Dude. Dude.

Some bands that are sometimes written about here have a ‘collaboration’ blog where they post videos of things deemed dude. Check it.
Graffiti Island – Mountain Man

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Between 31st July and 1st August Newcastle is home to Seripop; two artists from Canada who started making prints for their band AIDS Wolf. They’re now big names in the independent art world, experimenting with surrealist imagery as a promotion tool and innovative way to illustate. Their work is a canvas for mixed medias, something […]

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Are You Criticising Me, Woman?

On her Guardian Music Blog Helienne Lindvall writes about the lack of female A&Rs in the music industry. It’s a problem that stretches to the music press, band booking and venue management.
She reports  how
” a recent study from Creative & Cultural Skills shows that 66% of people working in the music industry are male. When […]

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It’s difficult interviewing a band with a mission statement. When they’ve set it all out so neatly it seems a little bit cheeky to probe and question their artistic intentions.
That’s just what I did when I decided to talk to Jona Bechtolt of YACHT about their new album “See Mystery Lights” and their upcoming tour. […]

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Tom Watson (Deep Sht) described SEX BEET as “quite a find, a wonderfully nasty little garage rock band” after he put them on at The Old Blue Last [Fucking in the Street] last week. He’s right.
A two part Lusts one part William shakedown, they’re naughty rather than nice – snarling over dirty noise, one tantalising […]

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Girls Tour

Loads of people like Girls. I wrote about them here and am still listening to that track.
Here’s the B-Side of their new single – just in case you are bored
Girls – Solitude.
10″ of Hellhole Ratrace is out now and LOOK! you can see them live in all of these places.
21st  London Lexington
9th Nottingham Bodega […]

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Roseanne Barrr

A woman on the train gave me a book. Usually I love getting books as I’m totally broke and can’t afford them at the moment. The book she gave me was called ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ and is written by this man…

[He looks like a cross between Shane Warne and that blonde vampire […]

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Gay Tendencies

Jeff is a man that wishes he was in a grrl band. Who wouldn’t want to be. Describing Gay Tendencies as “The Fall [E.Smith in a smock dress?] @ pre-school graduation” he writes pretty songs scuffed with dirt. Biting almost spoken word lyrics and pounding drumbeats [AM to PM] fight with  buffed up bass […]

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