May 31, 2009

Titus Andronicus@The Junction

Titus Andronicus have been touring, kit and all, in an estate car. Apparently all the vans in the country are being used for festivals and boring support bands to tour the north east. It’s ok though. Estate cars are the new punk rock.

The car, give or take a stolen Sat Nav in Leeds, makes it all the way to York for the penultimate night of the current UK dates. Supporting The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) for most of the trip tonight gives them a chance to headline, play for longer and properly let loose. In theory.

There is a fair crowd for the supports, weekend “rockstars” who probably ask their girlfriends (no women in these bands no siree) to give them blow-jobs after every pub show in groupie-stereotype fashion, but the place empties as soon as somebody gets wind that Titus Andronicus don’t sound like The Stone Roses or Jet.*

They don’t let that stop them though. Armed with the arrogance that only playing to a near empty room on the periphery of one of the UK least cool cities can give you, they rattle through a few sharp tracks from The Airing of Grievances set, ” Arms Against Atrophy “(<<

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