May 31, 2009

The Numerators

As I’m only a little blog I don’t get sent all sorts of music by insider-tipsters and people with record labels (although if you have something good. Most of what I listen to comes from stumbling upon bands supporting somebody I have written about before.

The Numerators from Lubbock Texas are supporting Finally Punk (coming to the UK soon) The Coathangers and Mutating Meltdown in the coming weeks and have some lovely songs, vocals coyly peeping out from boldly beaten drums and messy synth loops.

Neon nursery rhymes ((”Strawberry Dreams”)) sit pretty alongside measured lo-fi staples ((City of Gold)) and hi-tempo rock and roll tracks ((”Fool”)). Its nice to hear a band have fun not just on individual tracks, but with individual styles. “Half Japanese” even shreds a bit, bursting unexpectedly from the speakers for all of 55seconds.

They currently have a 7″ Split with Treasure Mammal out on Burgers Records featuring two tracks from Mammal and 3 from from The Numerators. Apparently each record is a different color. ($5 + $1 shipping… I’m not sure if they’re posting to the UK)

You can buy and listen to them here and i’ll try and track down a) a record and b) an Mp3

And have a reminder about how fun The Coathangers are.

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