May 30, 2009


I have a friend who has started doing some work for a record label. That record label is called Turnstile and they release (at the moment) records by Video Nasties, Swanton Bombs, that mysterious chap Perfume Genius, and Girls.

Lots of bands are named after some kind of ‘girl’ at the moment.Parenthetical Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Little Girls, U.S Girls…This one, just Girls, is from San Francisco and is based around Christopher Owens and production-whizz Chet Jr White. When they play live they had other musicians. They recently completed a UK tour and impressed at Stag and Dagger . Just about everybody in the UK music press said they were “ace”, a “highlight” and just bloody good.

When they aren’t touring Girls write polished pop songs and then scuff the edges with rollicking riff parts and hip vocal inflections – oscillating between an almost corgan guttural thing and a folky jaunty yelp. The single they are releasing next – that’s Hellhole Ratrace available on 10″ vinyl – bares things down to a laid back summer daze, caught between making daisy chains and just wanting to smoke loads of weed.

I’ve been playing this one Girls – Lust for Life (<<

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